Rehearsals at Load Street

From £15 per hour

Rehearsal Studio.jpg

The Room

The live room at Load Street is completely private. You have the luxury of rehearsing in a space where you won’t be disturbed by passing clients and or bleed from other bands.

In 2018 we had a new floor. It sounds like it could be dull, but wait until you hear the response of the room. We’ve gone from a having great sounding room to an incredible sounding room, finely tunes to ensure clarity over volume. While the aesthetic effect of the floor is clear as soon as it is seen, it is the acoustic properties which really set the room apart from other rehearsal spaces.

The Gear

So often rehearsal spaces come with sub standard gear. It’s been beaten, abused and just doesn’t sound great. We pride ourselves on having top notch, fully serviced equipment for you to use.

The backline consists of a vintage Ludwig Rocker 5-shell kit with a selection of Pearl cymbals, a TC Electronic BG250 - 250 watts of rumbling bass tone with Toneprint functionality - a Blackstar HT5 hooked up to a 2X12 cab with Celestion V30s to boot and our custom Branston BBB-30 valve amp hooked up to a Marshall 1963 Lead 2x12 cab.


Mics, Monitoring and PA

Vocal mics are provided and we use Telefunken M80s - move over SM58, we use proper stuff here. You might be happy with the sound of your own microphone and that’s fine, you’re more than welcome to use whaever gear you want to bring into the studio.

We also use state of the art EV PA speakers with feedback cancelation, tuned to the room. This minimises, if not eliminates, the whistles and whines of high input sources.

Live Recording

We can even record your rehearsals. If you need something for reference or something quick to put out on your social channels we can do that at Load Street.

Our PreSonus Studio Live 16 channel desk will record pre-fader so we have the option to tweak and mix to your heart’s content.

Conditions apply.