Why so serious?

Have you ever been to a gig and wondered why the performer is not enjoying themselves? Their playing is note perfect, but they just don’t connect with an audience and every song is greeted by a ripple of applause instead of raucous cheers.

An audience (in reality) doesn’t care whether you are not perfect or not. Sure, you’ve got to be good enough to play in front of a crowd, but the trick to those big applauses is showing the audience that you are actually enjoying yourself.

“Cool can’t be taught…”

Some people would have you believe that performers are either “cool” or they’re not.

Well, we are on mission to inform all musicians that “cool” is a learned behaviour and we can teach it to you. It’s not an innate, intangible concept. You can learn how to get those raucous cheers and you can learn how to command a stage.


From Mic to Monitor

As well as learning the art of performance you will also learn some fundamental and valuable skills, like mic technique and how to monitor yourself properly.

It can take years to learn proper mic technique on your own and our lessons are designed to help fast track you to a professional level.

What’s a PA?

The Public Address system or PA is the connection between the performer and the audience. It comprises the mics, monitor speakers, front of house speakers and mixing desk, among other bits and bobs.

As part of our lessons you will learn what each bit of the PA does, why it’s important AND most importantly how to set it up. Ideal for soloists and duos.